Red Squirrels

I have been seeing a lot of red squirrels recently.  Red squirrels are tree squirrels that are very small, maybe twice as big as a chipmunk, with a chipmunk – like tail.  They are reddish brown in color, and are particularly active in the fall.  They climb up the white pine trees by the edge of the woods to cut green pine cones so they can eat the pine nuts inside.  After they eat them there are a lot of pine bits and pieces underneath the pine trees.  They also find pine cones that have fallen down naturally, and carry them off  to hide them.  They grab the pine cone in their mouth longways as they run off, which is interesting because the pine cones are long, and they are a small squirrel, only a couple times the length of the pine cone.  They have a very loud trill that I find pleasing to listen to and rather cheerful.  They have a variety of chattering noises they make as well.

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