A Brief History of Knitting

A Brief History of Knitting

Knitting is an ancient art that people still enjoy today.  It is both artistic and relaxing, and helps relieve stress.  Knitting develops concentration, manual dexterity, and arithmetic skills.  It is good for stress relief, and your projects can be as simple or involved as you want.  Everyone can enjoy knitting, regardless of age or gender. Knitting first started over a thousand years ago around the Arabian peninsula.  Some of the earliest knitted remnants were found in Egypt.  Many different cultures have used knitting in various ways, employing a wide variety of techniques.  In medieval Europe, knitting guilds were comprised of men.  In order to become a member of a guild, a person had to serve as an apprentice for three years.  Since many people could not read or write well, many knitting patterns were not written down.  Instead they were taught from one person to the other by explaining and demonstrating.  Nowadays knitting books and patterns are extremely commonplace, employing many different techniques, both traditional and modern.

Reference:  Shirley McNulty, Barbara Brabec, Knitting for Fun and Profit, (Rocklin,CA: Prima Publishing, 1999), pgs. vi-vii.

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