Tea Review: Russian Caravan Black Tea

Tea Review: Russian Caravan Black Tea


Russian Caravan is a black tea made by Choice Organic Tea. It has a rather strong flavor that is kind of smoky in nature, almost like a campfire. I would recommend steeping it for less time than recommended, maybe for a minute or less. (Instead of 4 – 5 minutes). The tea is from China and is a combination of Yunnan Tea with smoked Lapsang Souchong. This is a quote from the back of the box:

“Explore the exotic with this distinctly smoky tea, a taste coveted by a 19th century Russian czar. His camel caravans traveled perilous routes from China, where nightly campfires added to the tea’s heady aroma.”

They don’t say what czar this would be, however. All in all, this is a strong and unusual tea.

Organic Black Tea

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