Book Review: Danger in Paris


Book Review
Danger in Paris: A Samantha Mystery

Danger in Paris by Sarah Masters Buckey is one of the latest installments in the American Girl mystery series.  Eleven-year old Samantha is vacationing in Paris in 1907 with her wealthy grandparents and adopted sister Nellie.  They meet a variety of people in their tour group, and are warned about thieves and pickpockets.  When they go on a tour of the underground catacombs, Samantha’s grandfather is almost robbed, and one of the men in the tour group has his wallet stolen.  It also turns out that her grandfather needs to deliver an important letter, since he was an Admiral in the British navy.  Throughout the rest of the story, the girls try to figure out who the real thieves are, because it seems that just about everyone in their tour group is suspect. They finally figure out who the real thieves are at the end, in a somewhat interesting turn of events.  This book also features a lovable dog named Prince.  I thought that this story was very interesting, even though it is a kids’ book.  I like the fact that no one dies in the book, it is just an interesting mystery story.  Its interesting to see how life was at the turn of the century(the 20th century, that is).  I like the fact that Samantha and Nellie are able to figure out the mystery without any of the adults’ help.
Reference:  Danger in Paris: A Samantha Mystery, Sarah Masters Buckey, American Girl Publishing, 2015

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