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Book Review: The Nancy Drew Scrapbook

Nancy Drew Scrapbook


The Nancy Drew Scrapbook is a now out-of-print book that is a companion book to the series. It was written by Karen Plunkett-Powell, who is a big fan of the series. The book summarizes the different adventures of Nancy Drew, but also seeks to shed some light on the timeless appeal of the series that was started back in 1930. It talks about the personalities of the different characters, and how the different characters have evolved over time. It also details all of the different editions of the books, and versions of the stories on TV, in movies, in the theater, and even a ballet. One nice feature is that many of the original book covers are shown throughout the book.

Karen Plunkett-Powell, The Nancy Drew Scrapbook, (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1993)

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