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Organic Green Tea

Tea Review: Choice Organic Green Tea


Choice Organic Classic Green Tea and Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea are both fair trade certified, and have a lovely flavor. They both have slightly different flavors, since Classic Green uses tea from India and the decaffeinated variety uses tea from both India and China. Classic Green has a lighter, smooth flavor, while Decaffeinated Green has a more robust flavor. It is kind of interesting, because usually I have found it to be the other way around.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea.

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Organic Peachy Green Tea Review

I recently came across a new tea by Tazo called Organic Peachy Green.

It is a blend of green and black tea, with the flavor of peach and cucumber.  It has a very nice, smooth flavor and a wonderful peachy aroma.

Ingredients:  Organic Darjeeling Green and Organic Black Teas, Natural flavors of Cucumber and Peach


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English Breakfast Tea

Revolution English Breakfast Tea is a full bodied black tea that would work well at breakfast or any time of day. The flavor is rather strong, so if you want it more mild, you might want to steep it for less time than the 3-4 minutes recommended. All in all, this is an interesting tea.

Ingredients: Ceylon and Assam Teas


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Sweet Ginger Peach Black Tea


Tea Review-Sweet Ginger Peach Black Tea

Revolution Sweet Ginger Peach is a light tasting black tea with the flavor of peach and ginger. It has a lovely peach aroma as well.  The ginger root gives the tea a warm orange cast, and is healthy too.  It really is very mild for a black tea, and has a very light color in the cup.


Ceylon and Assam Teas, Ginger Root and Peach Flavor.

Caffeine content: 40 mg per cup


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Organic Green Tea

Tea Review- Organic Green Tea

Revolution Organic Green Tea is a delicate green tea with a light golden color.  It has no special flavorings in it, but it is a refreshing tea just the same.  Sometimes I think it is nice to have tea with no special flavorings, just to see what the real tea is like.

Certified Organic Chung Mee, Organic China Sencha and Organic Idulgashinna Teas.

Caffeine content: 20mg per cup


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Cranberry Sweet Potato with Pomergranate

Cranberry Sweet Potato with Pomogranate

Sweet Potatoes are very high in vitamin A, which is supposed to be good for immune function. Cranberries and Pomergranate are healthy as well. You could also substitute pumpkin or any kind of squash for the sweet potato. This recipe doesn’t use any sugar or salt, but you could add some natural applesauce if you want a sweetener.


1/2 medium sweet potato
2 teaspoons extra light olive oil (such as Carapelli’s)
1/2 cup raw cranberries, fresh or frozen
1 teaspoon fresh pomegranate seeds (optional)

Cut one sweet potato in half, and put one half in a microwave safe dish. Cook in the microwave on high for 2 minutes. Remove from microwave, be careful if it is hot. Cut the sweet potato into medium-size chunks, pour olive oil over them and stir. Add the cranberries and pomogrante seeds, return to microwave and cook for an additional minute, or until it is done to the consistency that you like. Makes one serving.

Note: If you don’t have a microwave, all of this could be done in the oven or the stovetop, it just takes longer.

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Raspberry Flaxseed Yogurt Cup

Raspberry Flaxseed Yogurt Cup


I recently became aware of a Swedish type of yogurt called Siggi’s yogurt. It says on the bottle that they are the Swedish version of kefir, known as filmjolk.  (There should be an accent mark called an umlaut over the o, but I didn’t know how to insert it.)  They say they get the milk from family farms in New York state. I bought it at the health food store recently, and it is quite good.  It does taste just like kefir, and has a refreshing kind of effervescense (light carbonation) that is often found in kefir.  Plain kefir is rather strong tasting, so if you are used to the kind with sugar you might need to add some fruit or fruit juice.  Here is a simple recipe using kefir or yogurt:

Rapberry Flaxseed Yogurt Cup

1/2 cup natural plain kefir or yogurt
1 tablespoon whole ground flaxseed meal
5  raspberries, whole or sliced

Add flaxseed and raspberries to kefir or yogurt and stir.  If you want to use some of the raspberry juice for flavoring, you can slice the raspberries before adding.


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