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Chipmunk Haiku

Chipmunk Haiku

running through the grass

tail held high, fast as lightning

brownish blurry stripes

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Marmot Haiku



Marmot in springtime

peeking out from its burrow

eating fresh green grass

*for more information on marmots, here is a link to one of my earlier posts:


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Squirrel Tanka


Squirrel in the Tree Top

squirrel reddish brown
squirrel reaching for pine cone,
fluffy tail fans out
pine needles on ground below
in early morning sunshine

note: A Tanka is a type of poetry similar in form to a Haiku, but the syllables per line are 5:7:5:7:7.

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Squirrel Haiku

Squirrel Haiku


squirrel jump on tree
leap from branch to branch, run off
a blur with pine cones


note: a haiku is a poem, often about nature, that usually has three lines with the number of syllables per line 5:7:5.

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